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In January 2008 the club was formed by a group of friends who shared the hobby of Metal Detecting.  We originally called it the "South Penn Metal Detector Club" because some of the members work at "South Penn Lock & Safe Co." in Media, PA.  After a while we were looking for a different kind of name that expressed our love of history and that is how we came up with the new name.  



There are a lot of Metal Detecting Clubs out there, each with a specific purpose or goal. There are so many reasons why one should consider becoming part of an organization he or she believes in. We saw a need for a club in the Southeastern part of the state.  Some of our members were also members of "First State Metal Detector Club" but when the founder Harry Bodofsky passed it was disbanded. Harry was a great encouragement to many new detectorists including myself.




                                                                                   Harry Bodofsky 1928-1990






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